Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Also Forgot

Not to harp on the Craig Carton/Selena Roberts issue, but I forgot until today about the last time I remember Boomer and Carton being that hostile to a guest -- when former NY Times sports editor Neil Amdur called in to defend Roberts a few months ago. Carton's comments then, as Newsdays' Neil Best reported, pretty much sum up how seriously Carton's views should be taken:

"Does she have an anti-man complex you're aware of?" Carton asked Amdur, later adding, "She doesn't like men, is my assertion." Oy.

Oy, indeed.


ehengel said...


They are harsh to her but I think they entire sports community is pretty revolted by the book.

Jack said...

All the criticism is coming from people that have not read the book. They're calling it a character assasination based on the excerpts that have been released because they'll generate the most publicity. The book itself will likely provide a much more detailed profile. From the Star Ledger's Steve Politi (who, it appears, actually did read it):

"This book is not a 255-page attack. Most of it is dedicated to Rodriguez's relationships with the people around him as he made his rise to stardom; the pitch tipping allegations fill all of two pages. Roberts portrays Rodriguez as an "adulation junkie" who seemed to spend half his life trying to build a pristine image and the other half trying to destroy it.

He comes across not as evil but as helplessly flawed, a not-so-bright celebrity who tried to please everybody and ended up alienating them instead. This is a diagnosis that any amateur psychiatrist sitting in the bleacher seats at Yankee Stadium could have made a long time ago.

"Many fans celebrated his obvious talent but were alienated by three hardened perceptions," Roberts writes. "He was disingenuous; he failed in the clutch; and, most of all, he wasn't a leader like Derek Jeter."