Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm Always Amazed

I know I shouldn't ever be too surprised at the way things work in Washington D.C. But every time I see a story like this, I get more depressed about the way this country is actually run:

WASHINGTON -- Democrats in the House Energy and Commerce Committee have taken a novel precaution to head off Republican efforts to slow action this week on a sweeping climate bill. They are hiring a speed reader.

Republicans on the committee have said they may force the reading of the entire 946-page bill -- as well as major amendments that measure several hundred pages -- all aloud. This is a procedure lawmakers have a right to invoke. Republicans are largely against the bill, which aims to cut emissions of so-called greenhouse gases by more than 80% over the next half-century but would be costly.

I know BS like this goes on all the time, but it's absurd that the people leading our country have so distorted the the political process that it's now full of elementary school-like tactics. In what other serious professional realm would this be acceptable? And if this is what they're doing in public, who knows what they're doing behind the scenes.

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